A Romance of the Little Forest 两个人的小森林 HD Recording China TV Drama DVD Subtitle English Chinese



A Romance of the Little Forest 两个人的小森林 HD Recording China TV Drama DVD Subtitle English Chinese

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虞书欣 Yu Shuxin 张彬彬 Zhang Binbin 厉嘉琪 Li Jiaqi 丁冠森 Ding Guansen  吴迪飞 Wu Difei

致力于黄花蒿培育研究的植物学教授庄羽(张彬彬 饰)一心科研,对世俗名利和社交都漠不关心,这也无意中伤害了在多年前就对他有好感的乡村女孩虞美人(虞书欣 饰)。多年后,虞美人以优异的成绩获得鸟类学博士学位,因为不愿背负科研压力转行成为了时尚博主,意外与庄羽再度结下梁子。庄羽前往清水村进行野外调研,恰好住进了虞美人家的民宿。在虞美人的帮助下,庄羽的科研工作顺利进展,同时也在虞美人身上感受到了植物给予不了的爱与温情。虞美人也为庄羽对学术的执着所感染和鼓舞,决心肩负起责任,利用所学反哺家乡。他们一个不断进取攻克难关,一个积极倡导保护环境,两个年轻人尽管有着不同的起点,却因怀揣着建设祖国、建设家乡相同理想,以爱携手同行。
Fashion blogger Yu Mei Ren relies purely on makeup to maintain her appearance. Wanting to use her beauty to retaliate against the man who once rejected her, marks the start of a sweet love story that takes the two from the campus to the countryside. Botany professor Zhuang Yu is completely devoted to his life's work and has been researching the cultivation of sweet wormwood. Indifferent from any otherworldly desires, he unintentionally hurts the feelings of Yu Mei Ren, a girl from the countryside who has had a crush on him for a long time. Years later, Yu Mei Ren graduated with honors and received her Ph.D. in Ornithology. Not wanting the pressures of being in the field of scientific research, she becomes a fashion blogger instead. Yu Mei Ren and Zhuang Yu get off on the wrong foot when they meet again. Zhuang Yu has traveled to Qingshui Village for work and happens to find lodging at Yu Mei Ren's bed and breakfast. She eventually becomes a great help to him. At the same time, he also experiences feelings of love and warmth for the first time that he wouldn't have found from tending to plants. 

Language : Mandarin
Subtitles : English / Chinese
No of Disc: 6
Region Code : All / Worldwide

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