Bad Prosecutor 真剑胜负 Korean TV Drama Series DVD Subtitle English Chinese



Bad Prosecutor 真剑胜负 Korean TV Drama Series DVD Subtitle English Chinese

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都敬秀 Doh Kyung-soo 李世熙 Lee Se-hee 河俊 Ha-jun 金相浩 Kim Sang-Ho 李施彦 Lee Si Eon

讲述名为“陈正”(都敬秀 饰)的检察官,他以粗鲁和不良武装自己,破坏由金钱、权势建构起来的圣域,并将居于其中的贪婪的人们击落的故事。以有别于传统方法的非常规方式、小伎俩而非正式程序,以及不良行为而非实诚来制止正在吞噬社会、日渐腐败的当权者。预计是一部能够让人忘却郁闷现实,感到刺激的作品。

Jin Jung is a troublemaking prosecutor of the Central District Office. With a strong sense of justice and craziness, he punishes criminals more than they deserve. A Ra is Jung's partner, a competent prosecutor who always judges issues objectively and handles them with a clean finish. Also at the Central District Office is the elite prosecutor Do Hwan, who believes money and power are everything. He is a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to go higher up. In a world corrupted with wealth and evil, the story of these prosecutors unfolds.

Language : Korean
Subtitles : English / Chinese
No of Disc: 3
Region Code : All / Worldwide

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