Beauty of Resilience 花戎 HD Recording China TV Drama DVD Subtitle English Chinese



Beauty of Resilience 花戎 HD Recording China TV Drama DVD Subtitle English Chinese

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鞠婧祎 Ju Jingyi 郭俊辰 Guo Junchen 刘冬沁 Liu Dongqin 陆婷玉 Lu Tingyu 马月 Ma Yue

人间魏国,盛行修仙,长生对于大多数老百姓来说终是遥不可及。从小被视为扫把星的少女魏枝(鞠婧祎 饰)虽然缄默低调,性格却并不懦弱,她大胆参加了测仙缘根骨的成人礼。成人礼上,魏枝所在的三十六人组在鉴仙镜中照出凤凰身影,众人因此被一起送入白鹭书院深造,其中资质出众的魏家三小姐成为了凤凰血脉继承者的热门人选。书院中,老师炎越(郭俊辰 饰)严厉之极,把一干锦衣玉食的公子小姐折磨得叫苦不迭。其实炎越乃是上界天君,下凡目的正是为了寻找凤凰血脉继承者,因为在传说中,凤凰是必将毁灭三界的可怕存在,杀死凤凰,既是炎越的使命,也是对他能否顺利即位天君的最大试炼。炎越因天律约束,无法干扰人间之事,却渐渐对聪慧顽强的魏枝产生了浓厚的兴趣。

In the Wei Kingdom of the Mortal World, although the cultivation of immortals is popular, immortality is still out of reach for most common men. Wei Zhi, a young lady, has been seen as a harbinger of unluckiness since young. Although she is quiet and lowkey in her actions, she is not cowardly. She bravely attended the coming-of-age ceremony to detect for the presence of immortality root bones. During the ceremony, the group of thirty-six Wei Zhi was in showed the Phoenix figure in the mirror. Due to this, the entire group was sent to the Egret Academy for further studies. Amongst them, the outstanding third lady of the Wei Family became a popular contender of the individual who possesses the Phoenix bloodline. In the academy, the young ladies and gentlemen who were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, were tormented by the strict teacher, Yan Yue. In fact, Yan Yue is the Monarch of the Heavens, and has come down to the Mortal World to find the individual who has the Phoenix bloodline because according to legend, the Phoenix is a terrifying existence that will destroy the three worlds, and killing the phoenix is the biggest test for Yan Yue. In the meantime, although Yan Yue cannot interfere with human affairs due to the law of the Heavens, he gradually developed an interest in the intelligent and tenacious Wei Zhi.

Language : Mandarin
Subtitles : English / Chinese
No of Disc: 6
Region Code : All / Worldwide

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