Blind 局中人 Korean TV Drama Series DVD Subtitle English Chinese



Blind 局中人 Korean TV Drama Series DVD Subtitle English Chinese

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玉泽演 Taec Yeon Ok 河锡辰 Ha Seok Jin 郑恩地 Jeong Eun-ji 金法来 Kim Bup Rae

京畿道武英市发生了一起女大学生的命案,被拘捕的犯人申请了国民参与的审判,选出了 9 名陪审员来裁决他的命运。但在那之后,那些陪审员接二连三地被杀害,到底是谁?出自与什么原因把他们给杀死的呢?

Ryu Sung Joon, Ryu Sung Hoon and Jo Eun Ki become involved in a serial murder case involving jury members as the victims. These three individuals try to uncover the truth behind the deaths.
Ryu Sung Joon works as an enthusiastic detective. He is always determined to catch the bad guys. Due to his determination, his arrest rate is always among the top for detectives. His older brother is Ryu Sung Hoon and he works as a judge. Ryu Sung Hoon is a perfectionist and smart enough to have passed the bar exam with the top score and graduated at the top of his class at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. He is an upright man who does his best to impart a fair judgement. Jo Eun Ki works as a social worker. She has a warm heart and is full of justice. She always puts people first and tries to be a reliable guardian to children who come from poor backgrounds.

Language : Korean
Subtitles : English / Chinese
No of Disc: 4
Region Code : All / Worldwide

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